The Death, Burial, & Resurrection


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Apr. 13, 2022

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ underpin our faith. However, it is the silence of the burial that lies juxtaposed to the roar of death and amazement of Christ’s resurrection. While it is satisfying to experience God during celebratory times, we must also seek Him in the stillness of buried promises. The latter is where God hides, demonstrating His ability to either guide us away from troubled waters or through them. After Jesus was put to rest in the tomb by Joseph and Nicodemus, and after the crucifixion, everyone who followed Jesus had their faith tested. God’s proclivity to hide life in dead places speaks to the silence of Jesus’ tomb. In remembrance of the burial, silence does not mean powerless. In these uncertain days, trust that Our Lord went underground so that we could overcome!